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Can file names be encrypted?

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Can file names be encrypted?

I may have missed it somewhere, but it seems there is no way to encrypt file names/document names along with their content. It seems too enticing to encrypt my banking documents, but leave the "Banking Details" visible as a file name after encryption.
Any hints?

Steve Lamerton
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wouldn't worry about it to be honest, but just for example, if you encrypted it that would also be fairly obvious, after all who keeps a file with random letters and numbers as a filename? A better solution might be to call it something less obvious, such a 'Thankyou letter 08'.

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I'd like encrypted filenames...

Actually, random filenames would seem like system files. I really don't want to rename all the files encrypted. I'd rather have a file named "hwh2vdk.tmp", than Birth Cirtifricate.doc, or Movie.ISO.

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