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Request: Option to be notified of updates

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Request: Option to be notified of updates

Hi John / webmaster

I would very much like to see a option on every app's page where users can subscribe to monitor the specific app for updates.

It would be very useful for many reasons, especially if some of the apps are used on a daily basis (Firefox, for one). When the app has been updated to a new version, a email would be sent to all who is subscribed to that app's mailing list.

This could possibly be implemented via (at least) 2 methods:
1. An option for anyone where they just have to supply their email address in a textbox, or
2. A button which only activates to members when logged-in (greyed out when not) which would be a single-click operation. This option would not need an email address to be entered, although it can be displayed for verification.

I would probably opt for option two, as anyone who would want to monitor a portable app shouldn't mind registering.

Please consider this strongly, as this would make your service even better, though it's already excellent!

Michelle Butler

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did you know there is a RSS

did you know there is a RSS feed? You get updates on the latest releases and portable app news.

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Right. That's what I use.

Right. That's what I use. Wink

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