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TB Mobility issue -

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TB Mobility issue -


Recently I downloaded Protable TB ( my USB card. I am also using Portable FF.

I setup TB to manage my Gmail and Sympatico (ISP provider) account through TB. As long as I am using portable TB from my home computer it works fine but when I try at my work I get the error message "Connection to server time out". Similarly, when I am using Sympatico account I get "Connection to server time out".

The whole purpose of using Portable TB is to use single e-mail interface to get acces to my e-mails wheverevr I am.

I may be doing some thing wrong but so far I am unable to findout what and how to fix it.

Any and all help is appreciated in this matter.


John T. Haller
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Work Firewall

Your work firewall is blocking your connections. Usually, most corporate firewalls block all standard POP, IMAP and SMTP connections. Sometimes, alternate ports are available by your email provider and those will work (you'll need to check with them). Usually, they won't, as many corporate firewalls block everything except port 80 (HTTP) and port 443 (HTTPS).

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