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Where to find open source developers? - PLEASE HELP

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Where to find open source developers? - PLEASE HELP

So where could one find a community of OSS developers and suggest them an idea and see if a team can be formed to work on it?

EDIT: I REALLY, REALLY want to make this happen!

Please help friends!

It's an amazing idea - it's simple, yet convenient and secure password/personal info manager! Much simpler than KeePass or RoboForm.

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well to be technical getco.

well to be technical getco. You in one of those communities right now.

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau

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Well, I tried suggesting it

Well, I tried suggesting it once but no one showed interest. So then I tried to learn programming myself, but I was just forcing things I guess. And I really believe in the idea, especially if it's made OSS and portable!

Here's what I'm talking about:

It's an awesome, simple, minimalistic tool for filling up forms and it can also be used to remember your passwords.

I love it because unlike KeePass and Roboform it's very, very minimalistic. You literally only create different button groups, and then create buttons.

So you can create a button for Gmail - you place your cursor inside the email field, you click the button, it fills in the email, then does a TAB, then fills in the password, then again TAB and ENTER (submits the form). And so on... it's kind of like AutoHotKeys smaller simplistic brother. But that's the real beauty of it.

And I'm sure it's not that hard to program it - there's no real design in it, it really only has to save text in a protected DB file and then type it when your cursor currently is.

The only things I don't like about TypeItIn are - it's not OSS, it's not portable, and it doesn't have encryption, which would be TOTALLY great (and very necessary) for securely storing your info (password, emails, address, etc.).

So can we gather around this project? Or maybe help me look for other OSS communities and propose my idea there. I really want to realize this one. I believe in it.

EDIT: I forgot - and a simple password generator would be a handy addition. But that's really a simple one.

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