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Emails sometimes get lost

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Emails sometimes get lost

I have suspected this problem for some time but never quite sure if it is or its just me.

What I think is happening is sometimes emails that are there and i have not deleted them just disapear. they are not in the trash folder or any of the others.

NOw what is up with that.

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some people complain

about that, thought I have not experienced it myself.

But probably first I would have a look if the mails are really lost or are still in the inbox folder. Yes you can not see them there, but when you go to profile, mail , you will find a file inbox there and open it with editor like notepad or so and scroll through it and see if this mails are still in.

This might be also issue in pulling out stick before all is saved etc. I lost one time all mails that way, but could recover them from backup.

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Recovery of old mail.

If I need to recover old mail I can go online and find them on Gmails site. I have set my downloaded Pop3 mail to be archived there for that reason.

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New mail notification sound

I kept getting the new mail notification sound, and when I checked for new mail, I found none.

After driving myself crazy over this, I have:

  • logged all rules
  • logged all junk
  • disabled all delete rules
  • disabled all junk rules
  • disabled all rules
  • disabled automatic junk
  • deleted all *.msf files
  • disabled Thunderbird notify and tried an add-on

I finally checked on (for mail) and found all of my old mails were being retained. I deleted all the read mail, and I haven't gotten a false new mail notification since.

If you want to save the mails, maybe you could try moving them to a subfolder and not letting the Tunderbird webmail add-on look in folders for new mail.


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