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"Better Youtube" worked in FFP 2 but not 3.0.5

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"Better Youtube" worked in FFP 2 but not 3.0.5

Hi there, I had FFP 2 on my desktop and had removed regular FF. Everything was working well. To backup and upgrade to FFP 3.0.5 I copied to my usb thumbdrive then successfully followed instructions here:

Better Youtube greasemonkey thingie [stops automatic play when opening video] works fine on both my old desktop FFP 2 and the copy I made to the thumb drive. It is not working in the new FFP 3 either from the thumb or I repeated the whole update process above to my desktop copy.

I did copy and paste the plugin folder as directed. I then went back and found the specific greasemonkey folder and copy pasted that as well for the heck of it.

Some months back I did have to jump through some hoops to get better youtube working in FFP 2, as I recall I disabled it in Firefox options add-ons and enabled it through greasemonkey script [barely know what I'm talking about here, just that I got it working]. None of that seems to work in 3.

Symptoms now shown in fresh FFP3: all my old stuff looks normal, toolbar/bookmarks etc everything transferred nicely. When I go to open a youtube video it says "loading flash player" [as it should], the player then appears with a still image and the play button in the middle [as it should]. When I press play, the player screen fades to black and makes no progress from 00:00 and that's all.

Greatly appreciate any help,
thank you,

John T. Haller
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I'd suggest uninstalling it. Restarting. And then reinstalling from:

As for support, I don't think there is any for this extension.

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Youtube Alternative Video Player

Thanks John, and thanks for Portable apps!

OK, it all came back to me now, in case someone might find this useful. In reading comments at that Better Youtube link above, I [re]found the link to Youtube Alternative Video Player, which is the greasmonkey script that got me squared away months back in FFP 2.

This is actually one of 3 scripts within "Better Youtube", the links can be found in the help section within the app when it's installed, tools>add-ons>better youtube>options>help.

The other 2 are

youtube download,

and youtube theatre

I removed and reinstalled BY as John suggested, BY apparently doesn't work period [for me anyway]. I removed it and installed the YAVP greasemonkey script by itself, youtube now back to working as I wanted it.

As a side note, the flowplayer loading then going black as mentioned in my first post is what happens when both BY and YAVP are installed, depending what options you have ticked in BY.

YAVP is a neat time saver. If you're researching something in youtube [say, experimental music], you can open in new tabs a dozen or so of what looks good, they will load/buffer but not play, waiting for your leisurely perusal.

I installed the other 2 scripts above, youtube download adds a download button.

Youtube theatre as far as I can tell doesn't do anything different than the allready existing fullscreen button except for this: before the screen is expanded the page now will not display any comments or related links, which can be a good thing. That would be nice if it could be toggled on/off from the page rather than going into tools/greasemonkey/manage user scripts.

thanks again,

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