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GNUcash mirror image printing resolved

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GNUcash mirror image printing resolved


Andreas Kohler on the GNUcash Nabble forum has just posted a GNUcash build that resolves the long standing mirror image printing bug that exists in the Windows GNUcash build. While not a 2.2.9 release yet, you may care to read his comments about the build stability and consider whether a beta release is worthwhile. I normally wouldn't suggest this approach, but this bug has been a real problem, despite the PDF work around. It may help in the uptake of this fantastic application. The build link is (NOTE to GNUcash users: This build is not PORTABLE. Shawn would need to package first)

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Gnucash mirror printing

I was unable to get the version of Gnucash that has the fix for mirror printing as it appears to no longer be at

Can anyone tell me where it has moved to? This is extremely frustrating as I need to print some monthly income/expense statements and printing to PDF doesn't work and there doesn't seem to be an option to print to HTML as others have suggested.

Bob Thomson
Ottawa, Canada

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Workaround for the older version of GnuCash

Using the older version of GnuCash, I am able to work around this by EXPORTING reports to HTML (not printing to HTML). I open the exported reports in a browser and print them from the browser. Hope this helps.

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