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Portable AND regular Firefox running at the same time?

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Portable AND regular Firefox running at the same time?

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if there is any way to disable Portable Firefox from checking to see if regular Firefox is running so that both may be run at the same time?


John T. Haller
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Check out the readme in PortableFirefox\Other\PortableFirefoxSource. It's Firefox itself that checks this so multiple versions aren't running into each other. There's a hack you can use to set an environment variable to keep it from doing this. The launcher uses this hack when you set the INI file to do so.

This isn't necessarily recommended in normal use and may cause issues within Firefox itself as it isn't a normally-used featured and isn't heavily tested.

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Anakrino (not verified)

That's exactly what I was looking for I just didn't dig deeply enough into the directory structure. I figured there was probably an easy way to do it.


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