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Pidgin portable launcher configuration

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Pidgin portable launcher configuration


I have separated as far as possible the applications from the data. Therefor i have a different directory structure as maybe some of you have. Anyway, in most of the portable launchers there is a setting for the data directory. I use this setting to seperate data and application.

The portable launcher for Pidgin is not able to change the diectory for the users data. It is not possible to configure the path vie the .ini file!! Launcher does not support it! Sad

I modified the launcher for me localy. But it would be nice to get this changes also into the version available here. Smiling

For that i added the .ini parameter "SettingsDirectory=" and did the following changes to the launcher ...

!define DEFAULTSETTINGSDIR "Data\settings"
> ${ReadINIStrWithDefault} $SETTINGSDIRECTORY "$EXEDIR\${NAME}.ini" "${NAME}" "SettingsDirectory" ""
StrCmp $SETTINGSDIRECTORY "" 0 SkipDefaultSettingDir
> SkipDefaultSettingDir:
$1\" ">$0\"
> Delete "$SETTINGSDIRECTORY\.purple\prefs.xml.old"

Maybe someone can merge this things to the next version!

Thanks, bye

John T. Haller
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Many of our launchers are deprecating this functionality for a number of reasons. Pidgin Portable has actually not had this ability since the Gaim days.

Your data is contained in a separate Data directory in all apps and easily backed up by the Backup utility either together with the apps or just the app data to save time and space. This also still allows you to easily move your app and its data from one drive to another.

Not adding in all the complexity of supporting Data directories outside of the launcher's base directory saves a significant amount of coding and support time, especially with some apps which store settings and data a bit oddly. Even some of the apps which happen to work with it don't officially support it and have experienced odd bugs around it. Some installers have to modify the data in the Data directory on upgrades due to the way the app itself changes and, in a custom layout, that will also fail.

Your best bet is to begin using the standard directory layouts as it will make your life a lot easier going forward.

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How did you get it to work

I like being able to specify where the Data and Settings are stored with the ini, could you upload the exe? or is that against the rules?

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