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Cannot Delete DeepBurner Folder

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Cannot Delete DeepBurner Folder

Hello All,

Here are the steps I took when installing and now I cannot delete/Erase(r) the folder:

Downloaded and installed per instructions at:

***HOWEVER, I notice that I downloaded and installed the non-portable version free file from the right-hand column @

- Installed to my thumbdrive.

- I cannot get rid of folder. When I check the properties of the folder, it shows size as approx. 65gb. WOW!

- When I try to use DELETE option in Windows, it says cannot write to disk (only says this with this particular folder).

- When I try to use ERASER to overwrite the file, it does not completely erase.

- Two folder left in DB directory: AUTORUN and IMAGES. The contents of these folders look like a bunch of gibberish and file names that do not make any sense.

- I AM SORRY for the long post, but I wanted to give as much detail about this.

Can someone please assist?

Thank you

hexagonsun (not verified)
Do you have a Live CD of

Do you have a Live CD of Linux?
Maybe you can delete the folder with it.

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I'd try an app like KillBox,

I'd try an app like KillBox,

but i'd try it in safe mode.

Bruce Pascoe
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Gibberish filenames? Boy does that sound all-too familiar. That's a symptom of a corrupted FAT/FAT32 filesystem, and the only solution in most cases is to save the files you can and reformat the drive.

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I just had this problem.

I just had this problem. It's FAT/FAT32 corruption probably, as Bruce said. Always use safe remove! IT wrecked 20 gigs of files on my usb hdd. I lost four seasons of the family guy. Took me forever to record. ::sigh::

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