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backup from network directory

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backup from network directory

Very nice program and easy to use
When I am in the Sync tab I can start syncronization from a network directory
while in the Backup tab it is possible to start only from local drives.
Is there a way to backup network directories?


Steve Lamerton
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only way to do this at the moment it to map the network directory to a drive letter and then is should work fine.

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Ok, I'll try to do this

Ok, I'll try to do this way

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Ok, I'll try this also

Ok, I'll try this also because I was just searching for this feature.
(Could support for backup from network drive be added in the near future?)


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Recommend HELP EXAMPLE Discussion

Your recommendation works like a champ for sync to NETWORK drive.

I would not have thought of mapping the NETWORK drive as I have been away from office networks for several years. Now I have my little home wireless.

With the dual speed wireless routers having a USB for storage devices I recommend you provide a discussion for NETWORK hook up in your HELP EXAMPLE section.

Now my explorer file tree shows both the mapped drive and the NETWORK location.

As other discussions in the forum indicate, the NETWORK location doesn't work but the mapped drive does.

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Well, I'm waiting this

Well, I'm waiting this feature... Meanwhile I use this script
execute("C:\\Windows\\System32\\cmd.exe /C net use z: \\\\\\backup")
execute("C:\\Windows\\System32\\cmd.exe /C net use z: /delete")

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