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Suggested revision for support page

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Suggested revision for support page

I have a suggested revision for the support page. Do the developers/website guys read this forum?

I didn't read the support page close enough and thought the link to John's paf installer was the same thing as the xpi installer instructions immediately below. Either way, the xpi instructions no longer seem to work (at least on 3 different installations of firefox I have). I get the error message it couldn't be installed because "the installer script couldn't be found -204."

Additionally the geeky method seems to be outdated, or only works intermittently. I had no npswf32.dll in my plugins directory C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins\. It was located in C:\windows\system32\macromed\npswf32.dll.

Given all this, I would suggest removing the xpi instructions and modifying the geeky instructions to search your c drive for npswf32.dll and copy it from wherever it is to (yourUSBdriveLetter):\FirefoxPortable\Data\plugins. I think that would more reliably work and be easier to understand for the less technical minded among us.