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portableappsmenu.exe locks up

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portableappsmenu.exe locks up

I've just installed a bunch of apps on my thumb drive after formatting it. It works fine on my laptop at home. At work, though, it runs fine the first time, but after that I can't click on any of the application buttons. The menu is visible, as is the right-click menu on the systray icon, but I can't actually do anything with the menu, beyond the first click.

Right now, I'm starting the app by double-clicking on z:\papps\startportableapps.exe.

Any hints or suggestions?



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what i can think of is

What Operating System are you using. And is your computer slow.

sorry its not much

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I think there's more to that.

Personally I think it's more than just a slow computer problem.

Most school and work computers are too secure and you can barely do anything with them.

I've even heard that some schools disable the icons bar in the right bottom. There's really nothing we can actually do. Talk to your boss if you can, you'll probably get the reason why then.

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