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PeaZip 2.5 released

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PeaZip 2.5 released

PeaZip 2.5 was released earlier today.
In this release context menu was reorganized, and was added the capability to save up to 16 applications or scripts to run on files (or items in archives) from "Open with..." submenu; PeaZip will try to configure most common editors, players and antivirus scanners (I know there will be room for a lot of improvements here to make it able to recognize a wider set of applications...).

Alongside other improvements, now the application can be minimized to tray icon, and was improved the decoding of extended characters in filenames of archived items; optionally extended characters can be replaced by "?" as in previous releases, in case the character encoding of the archive cannot be correctly replicated on the host system.

The new package contains the help file (due to numerous requests I've received to release it in bundle with the application) and new translations: Hungarian, Sinhala, and Swedish.