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Amongst VC#.NET And Visual Basic.Net which has greater usage/market share?

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Amongst VC#.NET And Visual Basic.Net which has greater usage/market share?

I have learned C# and VC# and I confronted my teacher a few days back and asked him the same question about whether VC# has outdone Visual Basic.NET and whether I should learn Visual Basic as well and his response was that within one or 2 years you will see that Visual Basic will disappear as VC# is way better and used by more people,However when I got onto Wikipedia I found that Visual Basic does have a huge market share though it is diminishing as compared to VC#,so were his words true? Does VC# as in GUI Applications and C# as in Console Applications have a greater usage/market share and used in Rapid Application Development more frequently as compared to Visual Basic and if it's true was he right in saying Visual Basic.NET would pretty soon be confined to the dustbin of history and I shouldn't bother learning a language which is way down even in what it offers as compared to VC# and would soon end? is it going to end and is it's market share less than that of VC#.NET? Or should I go ahead and learn a language that might still be used as it is at the moment in Component Object Model right now.

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Depends on where you want to work. Visual Basic always has and probably always will have a lot of people working on it with internal company projects. I used to work at a big corporate bank and nearly all their internal apps were VB (old VB More public projects are in C#. But I'd wager that more internal stuff is still VB.

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