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This is a great application.
I have tried it installed.You can find the portable here.
I am afraid to install the portable version since i installed xampp from this site and got a Trojan horse.

This application was inspired by linux's virtual desktop. It helps you make multiple desktops in windows.

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it is possible, and has been

it is possible, and has been done twice I believe.
Although none of the versions here are capable of handling plugins, they should work fine.
also, in case someone else didn't do it, welcome to!

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False Positive

What antivirus app do you use? Your trojan is probably a false positive. If you recieve alerts like this from PortableApps you should re-scan the file on something like VirusTotal. If the result is clean on the online scanner, then perhaps you could report the alert as a false positive.
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This app is excellent, I'd

This app is excellent, I'd like to see it on the application list. A must have for anyone who multi tasks. I'm using the portable version available from here:
VirtuaWin 4.0.1 (Portable version)

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