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KompoZer & German language pack -> no localisation

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KompoZer & German language pack -> no localisation

Hi all,

I've downloaded Kompozer also installed the german language pack - although i did so, KompoZer will still start in English, i've now tried appr. half an hour, but found no way to tell him to start up/change to german.

What can I do?


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Have a look at the set of posts NVU in other languages which may give you some ideas.

NVU was designed by Lindows/Linspire which no longer exists.

But they had the OS and all the apps they created or adapted, which included LSongs, LPhoto, NVu and a couple of others, in many different languages and locale settings, including German.

No use looking for their forums. The servers were taken apart 12 months ago when the company was shut down. Pity the forums there were lost.

Richard in Australia.

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Ready to go

Running a tutorial for Nvu, now KompoZer, in German since 2005 I offer for download a zip-file for Windows including KompoZer 0.7.10 running in German:
Unzip it to anywhere and start KompoZerPortable.exe there immediately.
For those who would like the zip-file but not the a.m. URL with the German instructions:

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