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"Refresh App Icons" adds all executables but how to remove "extra" ones

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"Refresh App Icons" adds all executables but how to remove "extra" ones

I installed Sysinternals software but it has (like many other programs) multiple Icons for different parts of program. I don't need (or want) access to those individually. Is there any way to remove the ones I don't need in the menu?

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not yet

Right now thw Platform shows all executables which are in a folder inside the PortableApps folder. A future version will allow the removal of specific exes.

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The multiple exe problem

Personally, I think they should just ditch the auto-scan method and let us "add" items to the menu, and browse to the exe we want, then they can also allow us to set the name to whatever we want as well. It solves a lot of issues, sure it is a little more complex, but it has been done half a billion times before so it shouldn't be insurmountable. I have never been a fan of programs doing whatever they want anyway, it rarely turns out the way you want it to.

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You need the mod...

PAM Mod R34,

It's got a lot of features I like, pretty much everything the regular PAM ( Menu) can do and then some, like hiding apps or putting them in folders. For example if you have OpenOffice Portable, you can have an OpenOffice folder that stays closed until you need it, and put all the OOo apps in it. (Also Rename is nice if you get tired of seeing the word "Portable" after every app name.)

It's funny, you can "Remove" the app itself, but for included helper apps (e.g. the uninstaller) you can only Hide them, and there's an option to un-hide hidden apps. If they had it where you can "Remove" as opposed to just "hide" the helper apps as well, that would be neat. (Also you have to rename your Videos folder to Video to make it work on the launcher, little bug, easily fixed.)

At least until PAM 2.0 comes out and blows all these mods away, but that's the fun in open source, anybody can take your project and make it better, and it goes from there. I just like that I went from the PAM Mod R34 to, back to PAM 1.1, and then back to PAM Mod R34, and through all those changes, the Mod still remembered my folders and all my settings.

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Any new mods?

The ability of that mod to exit applications automatically when the menu is closed and the customisable buttons is just what I am looking for.

However, I am reluctant to go back to an older and unofficial mod. Do you know of any up-to-date menu mods that are based on the latest PAM beta and have these two features?

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