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IMPORT local profile + mail settings into TBP does not work as it should - URGENT

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IMPORT local profile + mail settings into TBP does not work as it should - URGENT


I am new to portableapps, having just stumbled upon it a couple of days ago. I wanted to be sure switching to TBP would go without any problems. It seemed it would - or so I thought.
Know before you say anything I've backed up my local TB a hundred times and am therefore familiar with the general process. Still, this time is different.
I was using version 2.x before, yet not the latest version of TB, and now I am using the latest TBP version.
I've got a backup of all previous Application data and of my former install folder.
To import my local profile and mail settings into TBP I followed the steps on the website, only copying the contents of one profile folder over into the profiles folder of TBP (''\Data\profile\..). Then I ran TBP for the first time. It did not recognize a thing instead popping up the window to create a new account. I cancelled, closed TBP and then tried with the instructions from the Mozilla website, only copying over prefs.js, my Mail folder and my addressbook, clearly hoping this would do the trick. Yet I got the same result, TBP is still not making anything from my old profile & mail settings, does not even show my former accounts.

Any help? I would more than appreciate this.

PS: Please don't mistake my tone for arrogance, I'm just giving an elaborate explanation to find a solution a-s-a-p.

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1. Your prefs.js should be within ThunderbirdPortable\Data\profile and all other files relative to that... TBP only does one profile.

2. Make sure you're not using an INI file in ThunderbirdPortable for now

3. If you manually defined your mail folder locations on your local PC, the import won't work. You'll need to manually create a new profile in TBP and then bring your mail folders into the appropriate location.

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