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klik for Portable Apps?

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klik for Portable Apps?

In this forum was mentioned klik, an application for Linux that allows to download and execute a program fom a single compressed file, containing all the dependencies needed.

Has anyone tought of something similar for the Portable Apps on this site? A sort of downloader/installer.

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Is this still wanted?

Hi sblandin.

As it happens, I'm working on a college project where you can have the Windows Exe, the Mac App and the Linux App all compiled into one single file (which gets extracted to a temporary directory on launch - this is deleted when the user logs out).

The only problem with this is that you need to have a registry entry to ascociate the file extension (.wth) that I use for these files with the launcher app.

Actually, I suppose that you could have the launcher on the portable device, then when you open that, it could quickly find all the .wth files on the device, or let you browse for one to open. How does that sound?

So yes, this can be done - is it a wanted feature, I love this site and would love to be able to put something back into it thru a project such as this.

Giles Williams.

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