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Zimbra Desktop

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Zimbra Desktop

Dear All,

Can anyone make Zimbra Desktop portable ? I Think It's great email client aplication.


Zach Thibeau
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Howdy Isparmo and welcome to

Howdy Isparmo and welcome to Could you provide a link to the software and also could you make the request according to this format outlined in this stickie

If you could do this that would be awesome and it shows that you are a good guide following user of Again, welcome to and enjoy your stay and come back often Smile

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau

John Bentley
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This is actually the email client that I use. You can get an "open source" version of the source code under the YPL, which is not an OSI approved license. It also requires a web server service that it installs. I think you can use the web version on XAMPP with firefox, but I've never tried it. If anyone finds out how, tell me please.

cowsay Moo
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Zimbra Dekstop Portable

Checkit Out on

under projects

or you can checkit on zimbra community for the same

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