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lost my bookmarks?

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lost my bookmarks?

on my home computer i was able to get the wanted harddrive bookmarks imported into the portable app on my usb drive. when i plugged the usb drive into the office computer i used pass2go to access PFF and the splash screen did not appear but FF did. pass2go wasnt working properly so i decided to open FF directly from the usb drive. got the splash screen and pass2go was then working properly, but my usb bookmarks are gone. did the harddrive access on the office computer overwrite my bookmarks?


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If you or Pass2Go ran firefox.exe directory, then you're not using Portable Firefox. You're just using Firefox with whatever settings are on the local PC. You HAVE to run PortableFirefox.exe.

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yes, i understand...

and i will have to run a test when i get home. but the size of the bookmarks file was 78KB on the usb key last night (or so i believe); today at the office after the problem it is only 25KB..

tonight i will reimport the needed bookmarks to the usb key and watch more closely what happens when i use it at the office tomorrow.

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Bookmarks in toolbar missing

I have been using Portable Firefox for a couple of weeks now and while I love it, I have been going crazy. Every so often if I update something, extentions or program, I lose the listings in my bookmark tool bar, they just disappear. The listings are still in the bookmark.html but won't show on the toolbar. How do I get them to come back with out going back to my original installed folder that I keep as a backup and reverting back to the original a copy of the program to run. I lose most of my newer settings and extentions doing this. Thanks.

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Extensions after upgrade...

I have about 33 extensions and 6 themes that i rotate through in my install and I have never had any problems with any extension or theme after an upgrade. I have problems with Flash after upgrades to Amazing Media Browser but I go back and uncheck the box that says to block that content and it works fine.

There has to be something that you have changed or a extension that doesn't play well with PFF that you have installed. This is most likely your problem you are having. All of my plugins are geared to adding download functionality to my PFF and allows me to see things in the code and such. Also extension managers and plain text converters and such. I have heard that session managers and such that continuosly write to the directory as to a state of your PFF can have adverse affects. That may also be a contributer to your issue.

I would suggest getting a virgin copy of PFF and install plugins one at a time to gauge the results. If none of them cause problems... don't know.

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Bookmark corruption

I too am experiencing a similar problem. When I open up PFF sometimes I will notice duplicate entries in the bookmarks toolbar. They will have the same icon as what they duplicated and instead of using any names from the title bar on the webpage they will use the url, ie instead of PortableApps will be what shows on the duplicated button in the toolbar. Does anybody know what may be causing this? Thanks.

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