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Portable Spotify?

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Portable Spotify?

Is it illegal according to their EULA to create a portable spotify? Or at least do a launcher? I would be interested in that(either creating or just have it), but I'm unsure if you are allowed or no. Yeah, you can always do one for yourself but if I want to share it... you get the point.

EDIT: I just realized.. Is this the right forum for this question? Else, please feel free to move it.


Did some research. Here are the only directories Spotify uses:

(Swedish windows)

In %appdata%\Spotify\ there's two folders and one file:

settings (no extension)

Storage folder is movable in settings, but not Users nor settings file. Using .\Storage\ works. In HKCU\Software\Spotify there only exists (Default) value which is set to the path to spotify. Changing that value does not seem to change the normal program operation, so removing it after program run should be safe.

Is there anyway of mapping directories to other directories in NSIS? I might create a launcher. Anyway, good night.

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What is Spotify?

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To put it simple, it allows

To put it simple, it allows you to listen to music freely, and what I'm aware of, they have pretty many songs, so the chance you'll find your song is pretty high. Anyway, right now it's beta testing.. For those that live in UK you can register, else you need a invitation. The invitations usually costs money, but I used a UK proxy to sign up.

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Is that legal?

Not only them streaming copyrighted music to you over a p2p system cleverly disguised as a media browser, but charging for invitations? Can't be legal can it?

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No, they dont ask for payment

No, they dont ask for payment for invitations, but it's normal that the users with invitations wants money. I didn't get any invitations, else I would probably give them away to people I know. And about legality, yes, you can question that(they have been forced to remove songs), but the question is, if this is the right forum to discuss that? I would like to create a portable launcher so I can take it with me wherever I go, thats all.

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Thinstalled version

I am pretty sure this is legal because spotify is a free program. I have simply thinstalled it and all data is saved on the stick including playlists. I think spotify may still write something to the registry so don't press 'remember me' on shared or public computers. The link is here:
[link to illegal software removed by mod JTH. No software can be repackaged without permission. Linking to illegal software will get your account banned.]

If this gets removed then you can do it yourself by extracting the spotify .exe file from the installer using universal extractor. Then run thinstall (should work not on a clean install) and copy the .exe file to whereever (I used the desktop). Then capture again on thinstall and select the 'store information on USB stick' not the store in %appdata% one. Then select the sandbox option and build.

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official way?

I'd suppose that if you use the "standalone" version from
you wont have to worry about any laws.

(THE LINK to the exe-file is below the troubleshooting part)

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I love these "How-to-circumvent-the-law-and-sleep-easy-at-night" threads. Smile

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If anyone DOES develop one, please Message me

Wrath Of Dragon

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Yes, John just needs to get interested!

Maybe in the future!

John and the PA team were able get licenses to make portable launchers for Java (owned by Oracle) and Skype (owned by Ebay) so there's your proof that the big guys will listen to the little guys.

Unfortunately Spotify is tied VERY deep into the pockets of the "MAFIIA".

Fortunately John and the PA team have magic (tm) on their side. and they can use it to get the Spotify developers and the head honchos to join in on the portable apps party.

As for preliminary launchers, keep going!!! post your source code!!! it's unofficial but as long as you don't actually include spotify it's legal and helps out your fellow human beings. Just think one day your launcher could be an official portable apps launcher for spotify !

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Standalone Portable App

if its "illegal" or "Not" doesn't matter if you create a .paf.exe that will run it but does not contain the files for it. what i mean by this is and this could be dev for many many apps but create an app that basically lets the user download & copy "MANUALLY" any and most all files needed for installation. meaning that they are technically using 2 software v.s. using modified software. Smile

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