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GIMP: Resize Picture

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GIMP: Resize Picture

I know that is basic (and probably obvious) but how do you resize a picture that you add to a new image.

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What do you mean by "resize"?

What do you mean by "resize"? As in size as in MB or "resize" as in dimensions?

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from your very basic

from your very basic 'description' it sounds like you want to scale a layer.

find the scale tool on the Toolbox. hovering over the icons will bring up text.

it should say "Scale Tool: Scale the layer, selection, or Path"

click on that tool making sure your layer is also selcted (the one you want to scale) and go for it. I suggest your click on "keep aspect" in the tookbox unless you want to distort the scalling operation.

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Click on Image on the toolbar and then select "Scale Image" to resize the whole picture.

Good luck!

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This may be a good resource

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