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3D App!

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3D App!

I'm here but I'm already loving it. I do a lot of graphics and I saw the gimp on the list which was awesome and I'm totally grabbing that. But i was wondering why isn't Blender on the list. It's a fully functional 3D app that's open source and totally portable. My Blender folder is 57mb but i have lots of extras, the base folder off the Blender website is 33mb. There's no reason not to have it on here.

If anyone wants it go to . You can find it for pretty much any OS you can think of and its really small and super awesome!

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May I suggest the Search

May I suggest the Search feature?

Aside from that, look right here.

And welcome to PortableApps!

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Just wanted to say that I

Just wanted to say that I really love what you guys have done by making the apps available for us to use on our USB drives. I also noticed that Blender was not on here even though GIMP was. I hope you do consider adding Blender to the list. Thanks.

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Look up & all will be

Look up & all will be revealed!

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Blender Portable is currently

Blender Portable is currently in testing on our site. Follow the "right here" link in the first reply to your post to find it.

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