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Toucan: error while backup of KeePass database file

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Toucan: error while backup of KeePass database file

Hi Forum,

i configure my Toucan to make a backup of KeePass´s database file.
(KeePass is not started while i try to make a backup of it´s database file).

I think the problem is that Toucan thinks that the file "Database.kdb" is a folder.

Error: Can not enumerate files in directory 'S:\PortableApps\KeePassPortable\Database.kdb\' (error 267: der Verzeichnisname ist ungültig.)

Translated to english: "(error 267: the folder name is invalid.)"

It would be great if someone can help me.

John T. Haller
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I think you can only set it to folders. Not individual files.

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Steve Lamerton
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is fixed in the the latest pre-release, avalible in the beta testing forum.

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