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Sunbird: calendar files (.ics): where do they go?

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Sunbird: calendar files (.ics): where do they go?

I realize that this may not be a portable Sunbird issue, but I couldn't find any discussions on it in the mozilla forums, so I am seeking help here.

I downloaded a number of calendar files in the .ics extension. I tried putting them in the PortableSunbird\profile\Calendar directory, but nothing happens, and I don't see any calendars showing up. Is this the right place for the .ics files?

Thanks in advance.

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That's a Sunbird (general) question. Check the support files for Sunbird and ask on mozillaZine.

One thought... can you open them directly in PSB?

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Different in 0.3

If I remember right, things are different in 0.3 than in 0.2. You have to "subscribe to a remote feed," if I remember the terminology right.

Good luck, and check the documentation!

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