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Encryption Utility

I don't know about the rest of you, but sometimes I have (almost) lost my USB drive. When I thought I lost it, I began wondering what a good idea it would be if there was a way to encrypt the drive, so that no one else can use it, and since my name and address is already on it, they might return it to me. I know this is probably really hard, since you can just reformat the disk, but I've seen software like this on some USB drives (really expensive though), so it should be possible to create a free one right? Comments/ideas/suggestion, I'm all ears. It would be really nice if someone could create an app like this.

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now a days more of em are coming with encryption,
mine has encryption folders but not on the whole drive. i had seen this one program on snapfiles called CD-Lock ( that can lock volumes, but the lock is not really tough or is it open-source. but it does do the job i guess...

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Encrypt the whole drive with TrueCrypt. Solid open source program, but it won't work on Win 95/98/Me.

They can always reformat it, but at least your data would be safe.

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The thing is, if a guy finds

The thing is, if a guy finds a USB drive, he can use it if he wants. If it's someones glasses, he can't use it. So there should be a way to make it so that no one can you the USB drive.

John>I'm a student, so at my educational institution, students don't have administrator privilieges. I've looked at TrueCrypt, but it require admin permissions. :(. The encryption doesn't have to be extremely strong, just enough so that a random student can't do anything with it.

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Nothing can stop someone

Nothing can stop someone from formatting a drive -- unless the said drive is faulty.

Sorry about that...


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PicoCrypt is a decent one

PicoCrypt is a decent one for basic encryption, and is usable without admin privilidges on windows machines methinks (like my school, but I havent tried yet, just discovered it.). free and highly portable. I'll make a limited account on my machine and give it a try.

EDIT: Just tried with a limited account I just made. Worked Fine. Very Easy to use. Uses Blowfish encryption algorithm in CBC mode. It uses a 128-bits key that is the MD5 message-digest of user password

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I use bcarchive from

I use bcarchive from to create and encrypted file and place sensitive info in there. Most of the USB drive just has the installed apps so it doesn't matter if they're secure or not.

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