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Application categories we're neglecting

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Application categories we're neglecting

As I'm fairly new to open source (and there's a LOT of stuff out there), I have some ideas for what kinds of things we're lacking and should offer, but I don't know of any such apps by name. Maybe somebody does and can point me/us in the right direction.

1. Anti-malware. I like to leave a machine in a better state than I found it, especially if it's not mine. We have an antivirus program here (ClamWin) but a good antivirus should be complemented by (or include) an anti-malware solution. Something like Ad-Aware but that's not open source, so just something LIKE it.

2. System tuneup. CCleaner remains one of the most widely requested freeware apps for a reason. It's perfectly easy to run the portable version they offer and it integrates well with the PA menu (there's even a launcher up here) but everyone seems to prefer open source, so... what's open source's answer to CCleaner?

3. ID3 tag editing. We have a CD ripper (pretty sure we do anyway) and a few apps capable of playing apps. But what can edit ID3 tags themselves? I use MP3Tag at home; Winamp offers an editor built-in, but neither of those are open-source (AFAIK on the first one; I know Winamp isn't).

To reiterate, I am not requesting that these non-FOSS applications be made available at, but rather their hypothetical open-source counterparts, which I don't know the names of (or even if they exist, though, I'm sure for #3 at least, they do).

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My thoughts

Well these are unfortunately mostly Freeware but I figure I'll suggest them in the hope people will make launchers so that when PA officially supports Freeware the launchers will be ready and only need the base apps added before moving onto pre-release status. Here goes.

1) Spybot Anti-Spyware is a good solution here. Not a complete anti-malware solution but a great app which the original software author has given permission for us to port.

2) Thanks to Nathan9222 we have a launcher for CCleaner. In addition to this I'd suggest further developing Disk Cleaner (OSS and in the beta testing here), CleanAfterMe, RegSeeker, Regscanner, Regpair and Revo uninstaller (Launcher in beta testing).

3) There are som older OSS tag editors that were good in there day I'm told though I haven't used them. However there is MP3Tag which again being freeware a launcher would be great to develop. Advocate

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I agree there need to be an open source spyware remover, but I wouldn't expect to develop one.

The new version of spybot has issues when I try to make it portable.

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