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FileZilla: Optimize the queue handling

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FileZilla: Optimize the queue handling

I really like FileZilla for its small size, portability and ease to use. But a lot of times I'm forced to abandon it because of it's poor queue handling.

The problem is that when you add a folder to the queue the folder content gets resolved as it's added to the queue, not when it is actually read (first place in the queue). Also the folder content doesn't get refreshed as it gets resolved. For example, if you already have downloaded a folder and more files have been added to the folder (at the server side) and you put it in the queue again. You won't get the new files. You have to manually refresh the folder.

I often download several folders from my own server and the content of these folders isn't complete when I start the download. So I usually put the same folder in the queue several times. So when the download is finished the first time, the same folder is refreshed and downloaded again. Existing files are skipped and new files are downloaded. This works great with other FTP clients (e.g. SmartFTP, CuteFTP etc.) but they are not free and I think that FileZilla is better in many other ways.

Is this something that could be fixed in coming version or am I maybe the only one with this problem?