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Puppy Linux

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Puppy Linux

I've read a few requests / comments in these forums regarding a lightweight and portable Linux distribution.

One such distribution, which is already packaged ready for a USB key, is Puppy Linux ( with a footprint of approximately 60MB.

A video exists showing how to mount Puppy Linux on a USB key (

Puppy Linux's mission statement says:

* Puppy will easily install to USB, Zip or hard drive media.
* Booting from CD, Puppy will load totally into RAM so that the CD drive is then free for other purposes.
* Booting from CD, Puppy can save everything back to the CD, no need for a hard drive.
* Booting from USB, Puppy will greatly minimise writes, to extend the life of Flash devices indefinitely.
* Puppy will be extremely friendly for Linux newbies.
* Puppy will boot up and run extraordinarily fast.
* Puppy will have all the applications needed for daily use.
* Puppy will just work, no hassles.
* Puppy will breathe new life into old PCs

This might well be a good place to start for anybody looking for a portable OS.


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Although I've never seen that video before.
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