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Avatar help?

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Avatar help?

Looking for a better Rock Band avatar

Well, I first made an Aperture Science (reference to the game Portal) avatar, and it looked alright, but then I've more recently rendered a Rock Band bass icon in 16x16 and it looks horrible. You wouldn't think so, a guitar neck with four knobs in a circle, but then 16 isn't a whole lot of pixels. Not complaining about the size (though I can't say I've been on a board that uses smaller avatars, you may have a record here) but just wondering if some of the image-rendering geniuses, if there are any in-house, can do better than I can. As for the source image, I can't access Photobucket or Imageshack from work, but I can email you the source image. I got them from ScoreHero, a site that tracks Rock Band scores. And IIRC they said they had the original Photoshop .PSD files so the images could be scaled to any size, but I haven't got Photoshop and wouldn't know about doing that. And I really don't care if it's the gold or platinum bass icon (though I haven't earned that status). Then again I haven't earned the vinyl status, but it's the only one I've got that's just 2 colors. I don't have regular icons, just the "fancy" ones.

Appreciate it in advance; if not that's fine too, I'll either stick with this or go back to Aperture Science, as that one turned out OK.