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TB Portable not Portable Building Summary Prob.

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TB Portable not Portable Building Summary Prob.

I move around my Thunderbird Portable in a Truecrypt volume which acts as a drive letter. My real problem is that it seems when I move it to a new computer each folder has to take a million years building a summary of the emails present. What's the deal? Is there a fix or can a code monkey look into making this... well portable? I mean I love the product running in a secure volmune and with PGP/SMIME intergration.

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not sure if applies to your probl

but there are apparently some issues with mimetypes and this often leads to TB start taking very very long time.

Check here:

I have experienced this few times when I was trying to set up some mimetypes. What followed is sometimes the mimetypes loop started and produced huge files and did eat all ram space.
I followed advise and got rid of all those fancy mimetype setting and all works now fine.

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This is actually fixed in the current Thunderbird Portable release. As long as you install the current version over your existing one, it'll do them correctly now. And it'll even remove an obviously-corrupt mimetypes.rdf for you.

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