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VLC Portable Crash when i set the audio device to mono

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VLC Portable Crash when i set the audio device to mono

first of all, screenshot:

the problem: i choosed VLC to play my music because there is a mono option (i have my reasons hehehe), but if i select the mono with the music playing, it crash! if paused it dont crash... this is only with me?

other: the mono option is not a real mono... in the settings you select the base to the mono and there is the left, right, center, etc to choose as base for mono... there is a real mono feature in this player? it is VERY boring listen only one audio channel ¬¬

other: there is some way to set a playlist as default and work similar to Win Media Player? because i need all times to load the same playlist file and search which was the last music i listened...

other: in the playlist i set order to music name but it dont work properly... it ordered some part but oher not... after click in one music then try again it works...

other: if i rename the name or artist, the changes dont take effect! if i reopen the playlist, the musics will come with the old name...


PS.: before using it to music, i already using it to movie because it dont need codec to the most popular video file types (exception for .rmvb the 2nd most used by me... (1st is .mp4)) and dont want to use another player! (and for music i using in my job, because i cant install things there...)