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Reconfigure Firefox Portable to run on Windows Mobile/Pocket PC?

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Reconfigure Firefox Portable to run on Windows Mobile/Pocket PC?

I am a Windows Mobile Developer. I am currently Beta Testing Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 21159 on my XV6800 (aka "Titan/Mongul"). It runs QVGA based programs, as well as VGA based. I have installed Fennec (Which was developed/released for the Touch Pro), and it is not far enough along yet to run on my device. I would like to be able to run Firefox Portable Edition from my SD Card since so much of the Windows Mobile Platform depends on the Internet Explorer being installed on the device. I honestly do not care much for Opera.

Long and short, I was going through the "ReadMe" files in Firefox Portable, and noticed there is an option to edit the application. I am also aware that Mobile Internet Explorer uses Mozilla as it's backbone to run on a mobile device. This has lead me to the conclusion that there is a way to run the Firefox web browser on a mobile device, and the Portable Edition is a prime candidate since it can be completely installed on the microSD card in order to save valuable space on the device. I would like to know which files, and how, to reconfigure the Firefox Portable to run in the Pocket PC atmosphere. Or, if required, how to force a Win32 app to run on Windows CE. Please do not respond with "It cannot be done" because there is a way, this is also only to hold me over until the development of Fennec can be completed. I am also not opposed to joining in on the development of Fennec for the QVGA devices if the process would be easier.

Thank you for your time, and I await your reply.

Extensions installed:
Extensions that may be used in the instance may vary due to the abilities of my Windows Mobile device.

Plug-ins installed:
None at this time, will also vary.

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Firefox Portable is a Windows app. Not a Windows Mobile app. Windows Mobile can only run Windows Mobile apps, not Windows apps. Nothing we do will work with Windows Mobile. Windows Mobile is quite simply NOT Windows. You're as likely to get a Windows app running on Windows Mobile as you are to get a Windows app running on Palm OS.

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