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3Ds max

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3Ds max

Hello everyone!
I just recently started using portable apps. I tried making 3DS max studio 2009 portable. I installed a fresh copy of XP with VMware and then tried using thinapp to capture the installation etc etc. It didnt work.
So I tried looking for it on the internet and also, none of the files I d/led managed to work. Is it even possible to make 3ds max portable? Has anyone tried?

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It would be illegal to make

It would be illegal to make portable and post here.

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Max and ThinApp is a no-no.....

.....on so many levels here. This is basically an open source portable application promoter. Without going into too much detail on your queries you should look at this as the alternative

Admittedly it takes some getting use to but as you get use to the short cut commands you wiil be impressed. There are many tutorials out there for Blender as well as videos. And just to show how good it is have a look here and

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I agree, Blender is great and

I agree, Blender is great and you can create things VERY quickly.

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As someone already said, it

As someone already said, it would be illegal.

If someone were to attempt to make a legal program using ThinApp, they would have to make sure they open the build.dat file in the capture folder, then checked the bin folder for their app.

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3Dmax 7 ver

Hi! i very need portable 3Ds Max 7 or 8-9 vers.
if you can do it - i pay ~30$

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