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Wiki watch: Portable Firefox on wikiHow

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Wiki watch: Portable Firefox on wikiHow

Surfing the Random Articles on wikiHow, I came across this funny old (at least a year or two old) article about Portable Firefox. Talking about "go to", "download the zip file", "unzip to your flash drive", and even said you can install it to a 32MB flash drive. Oh yeah, and "available in 1.5 and 2.0".

I basically rewrote the whole thing. Pointed the links here instead of (since that site just links here anyway)... I guess a couple years ago things were a little less simple, eh?

Well, it's a Wiki, so anyone interested can edit it. I may put more information in later, such as multiple profiles, proxies, stuff like that, but the guide as it is now just tells you how to get it up and running, and get Flash, since that seems to be a question that gets asked a lot. Now anyone coming to PortableApps by way of wikiHow at least knows that much. Wink