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U3 OOo 3

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U3 OOo 3

I would like to make OOo 3 for U3 from PA's version, using the same method I described in the FF3 U3 thread. To summarize, this would involve the following:

Removing the PA branding (but finding some other way to give credit where it's due without implying that you support my efforts or are responsible if something goes wrong)

Create a U3 Package that contains the unbranded, but otherwise unmodified PA Installer

On first run, rather than running OOo, it actually runs the installer with the /DESTINATION command-line argument set to the U3 program path.

After OOo is installed, the .u3p file in the U3 app directory is replaced by one that contains only a modified manifest that points to the newly installed OOoPortable and an appstop executable

In effect, I am suggesting a "normal" install of OOoPortable, and automating the creation of a U3 shortcut along the lines of SmithTech's shortcut creator, but with the addition of an appstop routine.

Because of the this, there should be no real problems, as it is, after all, just OOoPortable with a U3 shortcut.

I know this probably won't be welcomed with open arms, but is there any reason that I absolutely cannot do this? (Such as the reason I can't do this with Firefox is because of Mozilla's license). As far as I know, OOo is LGPL right?