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PortableApps search plugin!

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PortableApps search plugin!

I played around with the searchplugin code in Firefox.
And I create a small PortableApps search plugin for Firefox!

Download the file:

copy the .xml file here:


Have fun!
Maybe someone would like to update this to the official PA version?

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Can anyone with more advanced

Can anyone with more advanced skills please confirm if this works correctly. Not doubting your work M T but I myself have No skill so would like this looked at a bit before I try it out.

Must say though is a great idea as it could raise a bit for PA if FF's search box could be directed to the start/search page.

Thanks for the great idea. Advocate

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I think that idea was

I think that idea was mentioned when John opened and he said he wouldn't get any money from searches unless the were actually done from the page itself.

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XML Search File{searchTerms}

It looks like this is searching not

I don't have a short attention span. I just...oh look a kitty!

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I think it could be useful to

I think it could be useful to see it integrated into the Forums pages, this way it can be easily installed, a bit like Wikipedia or Digg.

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Heres what I use It has the PortableApps search ready to install.

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