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I recently found another portable application provider, Xenocode, but how to actually use it is kind of mysterious. I can't tell if it's free or $40, or if the price is just to make the apps portable (similar to what CeeDo/Argo does).

What's really neat and worth having a look at is, after letting it install a Firefox extension they made, they can launch apps stored on their site. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, GIMP, Adobe's Reader, LBreakout, even Winamp. After maybe 30 seconds, the app just opens, right from the web page. It's pretty amazing.

Obviously as it's not open source and the tools to make it are not free, it's not something PA.c is going to collectively like, but in the interests of what PA.c is doing, it'll at least raise an eyebrow or two.

Imagine putting up your own private web host that only you and maybe your friends can access, and all you have on your USB flash drive is Portable Firefox, but with its homepage set to your server, and from there you can load all your favorite apps and games off your home computer.

Granted, legal issues are bound to arise, but I'm don't know a lot about all that. But charging $1599 for their top programs, you'd think they'd have that covered. Maybe.

Interesting, no?