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A Video Editor of some kind?

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A Video Editor of some kind?

I'd love a video editor and uploader for youtube as a portable app!

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VirtualDub is as decent a video editor as you're likely to find, but its usefulness on a flash drive depends upon which codecs are installed on the host computer. If it could be altered to work like VLC (codec-independent plugins) it could be a lot better in the wild. I'm not sure if there is a viable portable solution if you need certain codecs. If it had ffmpeg alone it could do quite a lot.

Portable Firefox will let you upload to YouTube at Unless you have a format they can't convert somehow, let them do the work. If you don't care about quality but you want a quick(er) upload, and you can use VirtualDub and ffmpeg, you can convert the video to, say, 320x240 Xvid/AVI or Mp4.

I actually don't know a whole lot about video encoding. I just know some of the basics. They certainly don't make it easy.

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There is Avidemux on the test

There is Avidemux on the test releases page but it hasn't been updated for some time. Also its known to leave a folder behind in the USER/Application Data folder. If you like Avidemux please let alpha1 know (The porter) so it will hopefully niudge him into updating and fixing the bug.

Hope this helps Smile Advocate

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what about wax video editor?

what about wax video editor?

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