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Problems with NVU n Komposer w/ Win 98 SE

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Problems with NVU n Komposer w/ Win 98 SE

I recently downloaded both NVU Portable and Komposer Portable to use in my Portable Apps application in my USB drive. I noticed though that BOTH these applications DO NOT work in WIN98SE (as this is the OS in my laptop) although they both work in WIN XP etc. Although in the applications page these two apps are listed as WIN 95 and up compatible. In WIN98 they both start up but the cursor DOES NOT show up anywhere on the page. Am I doing anything wrong perhaps? Any suggestions?

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non-NT systems

You can't.

Even Me - which is a hybrid 98 fix-pack that looks like 2000 - will not do more than show the menu.

You need an NT-based system - maybe NT4 (which is the same age as Windows95) may not even support it.

Windows2000 is NT 5.0
Windows XP is NT 5.1

Works on both of them, although there are hiccups with some apps on 2000.

Just because the original application says it is upwards-compatible with systems (though that isn't always true) we are talking chalk and cheese here. The applications are not identical. And they mostly won't run as an installed application either, because of the alterations needed to get them to run portable.

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I used Nvu on a Win98 system a few years ago

It was buggy but then again it was also buggy on XP. It was even portable because I never installed it again. I just copied it to XP when I needed to and it worked equally well on XP.

Kompozer is the bugfix update so perhaps this may be why it doesn't work. Or maybe there was a new update, but I thought that Nvu (the one I had used) hadn't been updated since 2005. Maybe the original version that isn't explicitly said to be portable will work and be portable enough for you. That is what I used, the one that was downloadable from without mentioning it was portable.

The Win98 USB drivers, on the other hand, never worked for me.

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