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Portable Apps Users/Profiles ?

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Portable Apps Users/Profiles ?

Is there a way to make it so that you can have multiple users on one portable apps? like, if you open the platform, you had to enter a password for your own apps or make sure no one messes with your platform while you're busy doing something else?

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dont know sure

but so far it is not possible and probably also there is no reason for it since all apps are only single user versions, all the same, no multiple profiles etc.

Otto Sykora
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I know I would like it

most certainly I would and then manage my TB profile as well.

Tim Clark
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The topic has been edited and

The topic has been edited and now asks something different then it did at first therefore replies before this one may not make sense

The addition of the password request was not in the original (profile)request topic

reederda , to make it easier for folks you should note edits to your topics if folks have replied, thanks.

A password is being looked into for a future release, but it has nothing to do with profiles, and it will basically only "protect" the menu, but not the apps in them [this is a quick edit, and not quite accurate]

Moderator Tim

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Sorry about that. i didn't think people understood what i meant.

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Depends what you want to do

It depends upon what you want to do. e.g.:

My wife and I use PortableApps transparently at home so that whenever I get around to reformatting my hard drive and reinstalling Windows, our apps will be untouched and still work on another drive - all I gotta do is put the shortcuts back on the desktop, or at least link to the menu.

Since we both use Firefox, after installing Firefox once, I renamed the directory to NFirefoxPortable. I then renamed the entry in the menu to "Firefox (Nathan)" and copied my profile into the appropriate folder. I then reinstalled Firefox, and renamed that dir to JFirefoxPortable and the menu entry to "Firefox (Jen)", and imported her profile to her folder.

Long story short: Yes but you may have to install the app twice. It's a 300GB hard drive though, so we don't mind.

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