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Forum statistics... wait, what?

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Forum statistics... wait, what?

Forum index109,562 posts in 16,573 topics by 80,730 registered users (view recent posts)
There are 2,387 users online (2,346 guests and 41 registered users)

Now I know the guests can be explained by search spiders and whatnot. I've ran a board, I've run into that.

We have 80,730 registered users? Where? Based on the level of activity I would guess 5,000 tops, but I suppose it's possible people either made accounts thinking they had to, to download the program, or they're long gone. Still, seems too high.

And there are 41 registered users online, at the time of this writing? No way. Again, anything's possible but it seems far fetched.

Yet I'm sure the numbers come from somewhere and they're not just put up there to make the forum seem bigger than it is.

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They're Real

They're real numbers. The posts to users ratio is about right for boards of this nature. You have a lot of users that post maybe once. A lot that signup for an ID thinking they'll use it and don't. A core group of active users. Etc. Different communities

As this is Drupal and it runs the whole site, the guest numbers include visitors who come to download and things like that. And the numbers match up with the download numbers we see.

The registered users number excludes all accounts that were setup but not confirmed by clicking the link in the email sent. Otherwise they'd be higher, but inflated.

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