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To Install UniCode Fonts

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To Install UniCode Fonts

Is There Any Way To Install UniCode Fonts For main Platform?
I wish To Use UniCode Fonts From vista Please Help!

Zach Thibeau
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fonts are an upcoming feature

fonts are an upcoming feature in the menu, probably be featured in 2.0 if I remember correctly

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau

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Showing unreconize carectors

thanks for reply Zach Thibeau

I am Ussing There is language option
But When I Chose To Chinese or Thai
It is Showing unreconize carectors
how to fix them?
And i want to know wich kind of fonts its using?
Help please

한국어로 말해 คุยในไทย 日本語で話す हिन्दी में बोलो 说中文 བོད་རྒྱལ་ལོ།

John T. Haller
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Windows Setting

The Platform is currently a non-Unicode app. Meaning that it works on all Windows versions back to Windows 95, but it can't do Unicode. It uses codepages for fonts. If you're using it on a machine that has Windows set for Simplified Chinese for non-Unicode programs, it will display Simplified Chinese properly. But if you're using it on Windows with it set to display non-Unicode apps in English, it won't. Note that this setting is independent of the language Windows is in, it's a setting in Control Panel - Regional and Language Options - Administrative - Change System Locale (in Vista, that is... other Windows versions in a similar location). So you could have your Windows in English, but have it display non-Unicode apps in Simplified Chinese.

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