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GIMP: Help files

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GIMP: Help files

I am not all that familiar with Gimp as I am a fanatical PS user but I think Gimp would make an excellent substitute for PS on my portable.

Would it be possible to include the help files with the portable version of Gimp for those of us first time Gimp users? Were they intentionally left out to save space?

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Help files

Are you looking for this?

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The full helps files are available online here:

They are a separate download for local GIMP as well. They would have added quite a bit of size, at least doubling the size of Portable GIMP.

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a kludgy, but effective solution

I resorted to a local install of GTK, the GIMP and the help files; followed by zipping and moving the help files from the C: drive, which seems to have worked OK.

You can pick up the zipped help files and read about the installation on my website:

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