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What I would like to see in PAP 2.0, also

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What I would like to see in PAP 2.0, also


some suggestions:

It should be possible...

1a. to add some more folders to the PAM.

1b. to configure the path of the standard given folder (Music, Pictures, and Videos) in PAM.
Otherwise they should be also placed on the top level like the folder “Documents”.
Usage: If I e.g. synchronize music by the Media Player, the music is copied to "X:\Music".

2a. to define favourite applications, which are placed on top of the list.

2b. to search for the available application in the menu

2c. to define shortcuts. Maybe the same way it is possible to rename the application.
That means, it still works when a new version is installed.

3. to separate application into two categories.
For example there should be tow tabs in the menu "In Use" and "Testing".
In use: Standard, famous application
Testing: New, Testing, Beta-Version, etc.
That would will be helpful when the list of installed apps become bigger and bigger.
An alternative would be to categorize the application.

4. In the left bottom corner the capacity and free space of the USB-Stick is shown.
I think the used space should be shown instead of free space.
Also the graph in the background shows the used space. So right now it is a little bit mistakable.

5. to add and start links and cmd-files from the menu. E. g., when a cmd-file is placed in
"X:\PortableApps\", It should be possible to run them.