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What do u think about Pidgin?

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What do u think about Pidgin?

I think pidgin should enable video chat on their program. Pidgin is a very good program. I love it and i think is the best program i have used on portable.

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I think they cant because it

I think it cant happen because it would be a licensing issue(???).

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Don't hold your breath

This is actually already in the works. However, because of the way the project is handled, and because of the difficulty of the task itself, it will likely not occur any time soon. The most common reasons stated for this are:

-None of the main developers use webcams
-All protocol code in Pidgin is separate from GUI code, in order to maintain protocol neutrality
-Also due to protocol neutrality (not favoring one over another), they likely will not implement this until it can be implemented for all protocols that support it
-The protocols are not documented, and must be reverse-engineered

It's not licensing. It's just hard, and there is little motivation from the devs. There is a reeeally long comment thread on the pidgin main page on this feature, and it has been in the works for several years now. Don't hold your breath.

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I think Pidgin rules and I'm tempted to use it as my main chat program even though it's for portable use.

In fact, so many of these portable programs have exactly what I need that they remind me of the original, UN-BLOATED programs of years ago that used to be my main apps.

I kind of want to replace all my bloatware with these apps. Smile

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I personally like Pidgin for

I personally like Pidgin for the streamlined GUI between the protocols. The different protocols seems to merge together without looking out of place and I don't need to keep multiple IM clients up to date.

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Try this!
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