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Junk mail control change?

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Junk mail control change?

Hi All,

I used to use FF (v1) for U3. It allowed me to mark all my messages as junk in my inbox without changing the focus form the "summary" screen.

Since I have upgraded to PTB, as soon as I mark the first message as junk, it changes the focus to what seems to be a random msg in my inbox, thus opening a junk msg.

How do I get it so it waits for me to select a msg (description) before changing the focus to the inbox?

I have also noticed that when you mark a msg as junk TB (U3) and PTB it moves the focus to the next message in the inbox i.s.o. keeping the focus on the message you were viewing, i.e. not the msg that was just marked as spam.

Thank you


John T. Haller
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TB works this way

There are no changes to the settings within TB that would affect this in Portable Thunderbird. So, it is TB itself that works this way.

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