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[solved] profile paths messed up - TB/FF Portable VS Local

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[solved] profile paths messed up - TB/FF Portable VS Local

Hey, I am desperate now, please read carefully:

I want to use ThunderbirdPortable and FirefoxPortable 3.0.7 on Windows XP Professional on my laptop as the default Interet and E-mail instead of the local versions.
Unfortunatelly I had this thought after I had installed TB/FF Local versions. Now to my shame I can't remember if I uninstalled TB/FF Local first and then created the TB/FF Portable versions or the other way round.

What I want is:
1) TB/FF Portable as default Internet and E-Mail
2) accessible through start menu (set via start menu properties>customize)
3) ALL data (emails, settings, preferences, bookmarks, add-ons etc...) saved under my TB/FF Portable folder, where ever I created it

What is happening:
1) TB/FF are set as the defaults, however I think my old (maybe not completelly uninstalled?) local versions seem to have got mixed up with the portable exes and shortcuts to those.
TB/FF Local appear as uninstalled (they don't show up on my Control Panel>Add/Remove Software list).
2) When I set up TB/FF Portable how I wanted them I opened them through the start menu always, realising ony later that when I clicked on the TB/FF Portable exes in the TB/FF Portable folder directly, a version opened that had none of my settings or add-ons etc.
This is how I realised something was wrong, because it had obviously not saved my stuff in the profiles of the portable folder, when I looked that was confirmed.
3) Instead I found that there were still TB/FF folders under Documents & Seetings (like there are when you have TB/FF Local installed) and they had some of my settings saved in them, I can't say exactly what it saved there and what it didn't, because under my portable folder it also saved some stuff, as I noticed my email folders getting bigger there whenever I downloaded messages.

I have read about the following bug: but couldn't quite understand if it had anything to do with my problem or if it does, how I could resolve it.

I have all my emails and bookmarks backed-up and would be happy to just delete all existing TB/FF on my system and start afresh. But like I said TB/FF Local are uninstalled for all I know and when I delete all TB/FF Portable on my system and install them again afterwards the same thing happens.

Please if anyone can shed some light on this I would be very grateful because I don't want to download any more emails or set my browser now until I know it saves them all in one folder and its subfolders, the portable one. Because when the next system crash comes I then don't need to enter my account settings, install add-ons etc all again.

Thank you!

EDIT: Look at arizona480's post from March 21, 2009 - 7:24am on this thread here and you have your solution!